Know-how and Challenge

25 years accumulated of knowledge helped Havens understand and perfect the subtle science of lubrication. Havens create and improve products every day to respond to the evolving needs of automobiles, machines and engineering. 

The Havens brand is synonymous with high performance and safety. Havens is your safe place for your lubrication needs.

"Havens wings represent the release of creative energy, speed, freedom, dreams and exploring boundaries"

Respecting standards

Havens Lubricants are made in the biggest lubricant manufacturing plant in the Middle East, using the latest technology of blending. The manufacturing is fully automated using a programmable logic control system (PLC), reducing error percentage and insuring consistency of quality over the years. The blending capacity is about 200 million liters per year and can guarantee a high output with fast delivery. This automated blending system doses the components with high accuracy, using the latest electronic equipment’s: such as load cells, limit switches, radars and pneumatic valve control systems. No manpower is required in this process. 

After blending the products go through a series of tests in the laboratory. This is a key role to ensure that products are complying with the standards. Our laboratories are one of the best and most comprehensive research centers in the Middle East, implementing ASTM and other reputed international standards to carry tests on raw materials, finished and used lubricants. Finally, the filling or packaging of the finished products is also done automatically (including: automatic labelling, filling, capping and carton forming). With many other certifications, Havens Lubricants is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified company.